My life is pretty much a constant battle between the want to sleep and never leave my bed, and how much I hate how unproductive I feel on days when I sleep and never leave my bed

So this happened. Took a solid eighteen seconds to get it out.

Tips for starting a journalism club in high school?

Hey guys! So, I’m starting a journalism club at my school and our first meeting is tomorrow and I was just wondering if any of you who have done it have some tips or ideas for what I could include (for the first meeting and anything after that) or how to run it?

Anything would be much appreciated and I will love you forever

I’ve decided that I don’t like thinking because sometimes thinking makes me sad.

I spent Australia Day tidying my room and then watching fireworks and The Lion King at my friend’s place. It was chill.

Boring day at work is boring. Talk to me.

2013 wasn’t half bad for me.┬áSome of my favourite things were visiting my aunt in January, my 365 day book, all my Lush baths, my birthday, the friends I made, going to see Muse and Christmas. Plus, the infinite number of little things that made me incredibly happy, so I’m thankful.

We finally finished putting up our Christmas tree and wrapping (most of) the gifts! It’s starting to feel just that little bit more like Christmas now.

Oh, hello, blog. And followers. How have you been recently?

So, I was wearing really short shorts in the house
  • Me: Is there even any point in wearing these shorts?
  • Mum: (Quite defiantly) Yes
  • Me: Relax, it's not like I was ever contemplating taking them off
  • Mum: Well, I don't know what goes on in that head of yours!

To make my unbirthday birthday more birthday like I had I a scoop of icecream at midnight with a candle so I sorta got my cake. But better, because icecream.

(Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to me)